My name is John Foderaro and I'm a software engineer from New Jersey.

I specialize in engineering solutions within the Node.js ecosystem, with a concentration on server-side JavaScript. I enjoy spending my time on a Linux server, but I'm certainly no stranger to the browser.

As an open source supporter and proponent, I firmly believe that open source software, especially in recent years, has led to the overall growth of this industry as a whole. Node.js and the current world of JavaScript is a perfect example. This is a good thing.

Skills and proficiencies

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js Ecosystem
  • Full-stack web development
  • Asynchronous programming
  • API design and development
  • Test driven development

This list above only scrapes the surface, but in short, I'm incredibly proficient in all things JavaScript. Especially server-side JavaScript, along with the tools, programs, and utilities related to, and including, the Node.js ecosystem.

I'm also fully experienced in the usual front-end disciplines, such as semantic HTML and modern CSS (as well as Sass and LESS), the Document Object Model, and modern web standards and best practices around accessibility and current design trends.

The personal side of things

On the personal side of things, I spend a lot of free time pursuing various Node.js projects and ideas. I'm always learning and always coding on a nearly daily basis. I also really enjoy technical writing with a focus on this industry, both in the form of insightful commentary and practical tutorials.

I currently live in central New Jersey with my lovely wife. Outside of the engineering and development stuff, I'm a big tech enthusiast and also enjoy New Jersey's beautiful beaches.

Drop me a line

Want to to say hi or kick around an idea? You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or you can contact me directly.

Cheers! 🍻