My name is John Foderaro and I'm a software engineer from New Jersey. I have a knack for creativity in my approach to programming and an eye for the smaller, finer details.

I love to constantly learn, and as a self-taught software engineer, I really enjoy sharing knowledge and ideas with my peers in an effort to support their very own growth and development. I know exactly what it's like to embark on the journey of learning software engineering and can easily put myself into the shoes of someone just starting out. My philosophy is that the world of coding and creating software should be fun, open and filled with wonderment, focusing on exploring and learning new concepts.

Outside of work, I love to develop and engineer my own side projects and explore new libraries and frameworks. On occasion I enjoy blogging and technical writing and plan to continue to add more posts in the very near future.

When I'm not at a computer, I enjoy home improvement DIY projects, landscaping and gardening, and the outdoors -- specifically New Jersey's beautiful beaches!