I like to consider myself a fairly minimalist person. But I don’t take that label to the extreme like some people do, where they own one possession and live in an empty room sustaining themselves on $50 a month or something crazy like that. However, I do suppose minimalism has its own special meaning to most people who use the label and that that label usually tends to try and achieve the same meaning: less is more.

"Less is more" is the theme I went for when giving my portfolio site a much needed update as one of my 2019 New Years resolutions. And, in retrospect, I think I want to make this theme a centerpiece of my own goals and aspirations for the rest of 2019. I realize it's February already and most New Years resolutions are probably dead in the water at this stage for many people, but I really want to keep mine chugging along this year. I have many goals to look forward to in continuing my journey -- wherever it may be taking me.

Having a minimalist lens when taking an inventory of these goals and what I need to do is going to be great way to kick off what should be a very fine year.