John Foderaro

I am a software engineer, learner, tinkerer, reader, writer, aspiring musician and several other things in-between.

Programming and creating software has become a passion of mine over the last several years and has truly been such an exciting journey. As often as I can, like to write about it and other topics at my blog.

What colleagues are saying

John has a very logical and pragmatic approach to problem solving and project scoping. I knew if I gave John the time to think through a problem, he would come back to me with a very detailed plan, in many cases solving multiple issues with one solution. He would not shy away from putting more work on his plate by doing things the right way. His ability to see big picture was what led him to be the most senior developer on my team, as I knew I could trust him from a technical and business perspective. John has a passion for what he does for a living, which comes across when you engage him about it.

Michael Impelluso
Director, Web Marketing @ Commvault

John's diligence, passion, and drive to do GREAT work are all things that I aim to emulate throughout my own career. John is organized, dependable, competent, and is always willing to present innovative ideas for improving processes and performance.

Jon Shilale
Full Stack Web Developer @ WorkWave